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Hey everybody!
I heard that you guys may have cracked some jokes about me while I’m away. I thought you should see this picture (taken tonight in Hawaii) as proof of my hard work while on vacation. Note that I had to wait until sunset each night to practice from our ocean view room because the sunshine reflected so brightly off the pages during the day that it was blinding! And the heat of the sun beat down upon me so much that I was forced to just lay there and sip on my cold fruity drink. Boy, it has been so hard but I know it will pay off! See you this Thursday! 🙂 hehehehe
With all the love in my heart,

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  1. Kate McWilliams
    Kate McWilliams says:

    Thoughts about tonight’s experience with #1:

    I think there’s a world of a difference between A, practicing a part on your own perhaps with a piano; B, practicing with MIDI files, which while useful, have disadvantages (fixed tempo, occasional hiccups, no musicality); C, practicing in sectional with two parts and a piano doubling you; and finally D, practicing in full four part choir. Even if I’ve done A, B, and C, then D will still be different. I can of course adjust more quickly and be more confident with my part if I have prepared A, B, and C, but even so, I feel I need to experience the choral singing to do it well. It’s much different picking out notes at entrances when there a full four part chorus around you, and they are trying to pick up their notes, too.

    I feel that tonight, singing through a difficult piece as a group for the first time in two weeks, there were difficulties and disappointments. But I would have learned more from doing it again as a group, then being sent home with a scolding and told to work on A and B more. We were a bit like a rusty engine, and with more use the ‘grease’ of our personal practice would have time to pay off.

    Certainly we need to practice individually, and as a section, but we also need to practice as a group.


  2. Suzan
    Suzan says:

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to save the music files on the website to a computer or ipod? I would like to have them with me to learn when I am not home…………Suzan

  3. Suzan
    Suzan says:

    I am still wondering if anyone has figured out how to download the practice music on the website to our pcs or i pods……….Anyone know anything?


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