Youtube Links

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Dear Choir Members,

I have made a search for YouTube videos of our songs for this semester. There are 3 that I couldn’t find, but here are the rest. I’ll post the best ones in the side bar. The missing songs are Go Tell It On The Mountain, My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord, and Carols of the Night. * indicates links that are not in the side bar. read more

Witness & Balm in Gilead

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Click on the links if you can’t see the full screen…it’s best viewed in HD full screen.

Witness: read more

Videos of Rehearsal

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Please watch the video below and see if there are any changes or improvements you need to make to your stage presence and/or singing: (Disclaimer: Some of the staging was corrected after this was filmed. Click on the “full screen” button to view videos properly.) read more