April 9th Rehearsal Homework! Only 5 More to Go!

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Great rehearsal Thursday! Things are coming along and it’s going to be an awesome concert! Did you hear what President Monson said yesterday afternoon? I don’t remember his exact words but he thanked those with musical abilities for sharing them. Music brings the Spirit, uplifts the soul and communicates things that words often cannot. Anyways, I was really hoping you all heard that! You are soooooo appreciated!!!

This week’s schedule follows the past 2 rehearsal schedules so I’m going to post specific things you need to work on BEFORE Thursday. read more

April 2nd Rehearsal and Homework

400 271 Joe Roushar

Hey guys!
Thanks for your hard work! Keep it up!

REMINDER: 6 more rehearsals to go before the big night! I expect to see ALL of you at EVERY rehearsal from here on out. Remember, rehearsals will go until 9:30 pm now.

MAKE-UP REHEARSAL: Those who have missed 2 rehearsals are REQUIRED to attend the make-up rehearsal. It is on Thursday, April 23rd from 6-6:45 pm. read more

Homework and March 26th Rehearsal

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Hey guys! Great rehearsal last night!


1. Men: Know all of “Johnny Schmoker” and “The Pasture”. Watch YouTube video of “Johnny Schmoker” (here’s another one) and come with choreography ideas. Memorize text. Underline important words in “The Pasture” (here’s a video – not a great example but might be helpful). read more