Roll Call!

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Please sign your name in this posting’s comment section to let me know that you are able to check and make comments on the blog.

Speaking of roll…..please be sure to always mark your attendance on rehearsal nights. Thanks!

24 Responses

  1. Nicole Bator

    Nicole Bator

  2. Larry Gray

    OK – I’m here.

  3. Jill Albano

  4. Kate McWilliams


  5. Bill Fauver

    Bill Fauver Present! This past Thursday there wasn’t an attendance sheet posted on the board.

  6. Donnetta Ostergren


  7. Kendra’s Here!

  8. Sean Peterson – Here, here! (But still no music folder.)

  9. Grace Albaugh

    Grace Albaugh is here

  10. Susan Quick


  11. Yo Homies.

  12. Molly Archibald

    hey dude

  13. Anonymous

    Hi Erin:-)

  14. Yeah! I’m a follower!

  15. blhewitt7

    What? ^_^

  16. Jocelyn Herrington

    I am able to check and make comments on a blog!

  17. I is here and are doingk gooder ok. HUH?

  18. Bob Sutton

    Hi, this is Bob Sutton

  19. Mindy says Hi 🙂

  20. Hi from Barb and Aaron

  21. Holt Family

    Hi, this is Christy Holt. 🙂

  22. Stacy Rogers

    Stacy Rogers….finally in the house!

  23. Erica DeLong

    Erica DeLong

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