Welcome to the Minnesota Mormon Chorale. We are so very pleased that you are joining this great organization. The choir is made up of talented musicians from the Twin Cities and surrounding areas who share a love for singing and a love for the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Founded in 2004, the choir strives for choral excellence in singing a varied repertoire of sacred and secular works in various concerts and worship settings throughout the Twin Cities. Regular performances include a Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter concerts, with additional firesides throughout the year. Concert that are always free of charge and open to the public.

We are fortunate to have an outstanding staff of directors, accompanists and administrators who want you to have an enjoyable experience in the chorale. We are dedicated to meeting your needs as a musician and look forward to making music with you this season!


The Minnesota Mormon Chorale is dedicated to uplifting and inspiring audiences with high quality choral literature that shares a message of Christian faith and values while maintaining the highest level of artistry.


The purpose of the Minnesota Mormon Chorale is to:

  • Testify of Jesus Christ and His Gospel through music,
  • Strengthen the faith of listeners and ensemble members,
  • Increase and develop each musician’s appreciation and knowledge of sacred/secular music while maintaining a professional choral environment.

Spring 2016 DATES


1 ~ Membership

Membership in the Minnesota Mormon Chorale is voluntary and is an agreement to fully participate in all rehearsals and performances of the choir. You need not be a member of the church to participate. However, all choir members are strongly encouraged to live the standards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

2 ~ Music

All music belongs to the MN Mormon Chorale unless otherwise noted. Members are assigned a library number, and all of their music will be marked with that number (exceptions can be confirmed with the librarian). Any music exchanges during the semester are made in accordion folders in which your slot is marked with your number. Members are responsible for their music. Do not use pens, highlighters, three-hole punches, or anything else that will permanently mark the music. At the beginning of the semester, members will be asked to provide a deposit of $30 in exchange for their music. The deposit will be returned at the end of the semester in exchange for the music. Music is due at the last concert unless otherwise noted, and any late music will forfeit the deposit.

Music from the Chorale library can be loaned out to stake and ward choirs. Every effort should be made to keep the music safe, and lost or damaged parts must be replaced.

3 ~ Rehearsals

All rehearsals are important! A typical rehearsal begins with a spiritual thought and prayer, warm-ups, sectionals and closes with SATB rehearsal. Always bring a pencil to mark your music. We are implementing a new sectional schedule this semester. Sectionals will meet for the first five rehearsals of the semester, after which all remaining rehearsals will be in SATB. All members are responsible for having all notes, rhythms and entrances learned by the semester deadline. Section leaders are responsible to rehearse their section during the first five weeks to ensure their section is prepared. A section leader may hold additional rehearsals outside of choir for their section, if needed.

4 ~ Practice at Home

This season’s music is fun and also challenging! Our time together is short so we must limit time in sectionals and time spent “plunking out parts” in SATB rehearsal. Members are expected to practice outside of rehearsal for at least one hour per week. Individual sections are welcome and encouraged to rehearse together outside of the Chorale’s main rehearsal time at the discretion of their section leader. In the future, the MIDI files will also be available for practice use on the website under Members’ Area.

5 ~ Communication/Announcements

Please check the MMC blog for updates, assignments, listening examples, helpful links and pictures:


There is a short time between sectionals and SATB rehearsal for important announcements. If you have an announcement, please give it to the president before rehearsal begins.

6 ~ Tardiness Policy

The professional habit of arriving early for rehearsal is strongly encouraged. At the very minimum, rehearsals must begin on time with everyone present and in their seats. If you know you will be late, call the director or president before 5 pm and it will be excused.

We understand that things come up so we have built in some flexibility for those instances. Please review the following guidelines:

  • Number of Tardies
  • 1 Tardy
  • 2 Tardies
  • 3 Tardies
  • 4 Tardies
  • Action
  • Excused
  • Excused
  • Talk to director, help set up or clean up at concert
  • Counts as 1 Absence

7 ~ Attendance Policy

Attendance at all rehearsals is important for us to prepare appropriately for concerts and maintain the professionalism of the Minnesota Mormon Chorale. We recognize that illness and personal circumstances sometimes necessitates an absence. Anytime you need to miss a rehearsal, you need to contact Erin Gray prior to that rehearsal to let her know. The attendance policy allows for a maximum of two absences per semester. If you need to miss a rehearsal, we ask that you attend one of the make up rehearsals offered during the semester. You will also need to contact your assigned choir partner or section leader to get the notes and markings from the missed rehearsal before attending the next rehearsal. If you miss the maximum of two rehearsals, we ask that additionally you help the choir in some capacity in preparation for a concert.

Any extenuating circumstances will need to be discussed directly with Erin Gray.

Arriving on time to rehearsal is also extremely important to maintain the spirit, respect, unity and professionalism, and therefore is an expected behavior of the Minnesota Mormon Chorale. We encourage arrival at least 5 minutes prior to the start of rehearsals and call times, and for members to be in their seats at the beginning of rehearsal. Arrival after the opening prayer is considered tardy. Three tardies is considered an absence.

Attendance at all concerts is mandatory.

  • Number of Absences:
  • 1 Absence
  • 2 Absences
  • 3 Absences
  • Action:
  • Excused
  • Talk to director, attend makeup rehersal
  • Meeting with Directors

Makeup Rehearsals can run before (6-6:45 pm) rehearsal. Those attending the session will have the opportunity to solidify notes, get markings that were missed, etc. Members are expected to be productive and to accomplish the session goals. This should not take the place of practicing at home. All members are responsible for learning their own music, outside of rehearsal, especially when absent. If you are unable to sing on a rehearsal day due to illness, you are strongly encouraged to come and take notes. If your illness is serious, please stay home and get better! 

8 ~ Auditions for MMC & Solos

Auditions for the chorale take place throughout the season, generally immediately following major concerts. Those who are auditioning are required to sing a hymn of their choice, vocalize, sight-read a short musical excerpt and correctly repeat a musical phrase played on the piano. In some cases, if extra help is needed, we may ask for help from various vocalists as early as possible before a major concert.
There will be several opportunities for solos, small ensembles, etc. to perform at concerts. Those who are interested in doing so must audition for the director before a final decision is made. In some cases, outside performers will be asked to perform special solo/chamber pieces.

9 ~ Concert Attire

Black choir folder: Model 901 (Item # 8603888 – $12.00) from jwpepper.com is preferred – Must have retaining strings and pockets big enough to hold 8 ½ X 11 inch paper. You may order it personally or through MMC.

Women: Long ankle-length black dress with long sleeves reaching to wrist (a long skirt and long-sleeve blouse is also acceptable), black hose, black shoes and a single strand of white pearls 18-20” long. Some pearl necklaces are available to be borrowed.

Men: Black pants, black suit coat (buttoned), white dress shirt, black shoes and socks. (Ties are provided by MMC – must be returned immediately following the concert).

10 ~ Cancellations

It is rare that rehearsal is cancelled but it does happen. Every effort will be made to contact you in the event of a cancellation.
Check the BLOG for updates: www.mnmormonchorale.blogspot.com. Be sure that we have your most current contact information.

11 ~ Members’ Area on Website

Go to www.mnmormonchorale.org and click on the ‘Members’ tab. You may be required to provide a login name and password. You may get this information from Laura.

The members’ area contains this guide, a calendar, roster, MIDI files and other items that specifically relate to our membership.

12 ~ Contact Info:

Erin Gray – 763.229.7651

Barb Thibaudeau – 651-770-8470

Laura Michels – 651.402.9682


(from the Oratorio Society of MN)


  1. No perfume, cologne, heavy hairspray, or after-shave.
  2. No strong odors on breath.
  3. No watches or beepers. Turn off your cell phone.
  4. Clip or bind together sections of music you are not singing so you are not turning pages during passages of music being performed by soloists and/or the orchestra alone.

On-Stage Etiquette:

  1. Carry music in the hand that is “away” from the audience, going on and off stage.
  2. Bring your music up when the conductor puts a foot on the podium.
  3. Stand or sit quietly. Avoid talking or making direct eye contact with members of the audience while performing. Expressive movement during singing can enhance one’s experience of the music; be aware, however, that too much movement may be distracting to all.
  4. During any long periods of time when you are not singing, hold your music at “half-mast” – in position, but a little lower than when you’re singing.
  5. Put your music down to your left side when the conductor steps off the podium.
  6. Please do not clap for anyone on-stage, since you are part of the performance. A relaxed stance and a smile are encouraged!
  7. We will begin to exit the stage when the applause is dying out. Leaders should begin to exit immediately at that point.