May 4, 2013 Rehearsal Notes

May 4, 2013 Rehearsal Notes

400 300 Joe Roushar

First of all, we cut Miss Celie’s Blues and I Can Tell The World from our concert. So we will not be singing them. Also, we added A Child’s Prayer for the women to sing with Gabe. The women will sing the women’s part and Gabe will sing the men’s part.

Here’s the latest updated concert order:

I Am A Child Of God (with the youth choir)
He’s Got The Whole World

A Child’s Prayer (women & Gabe)
Consider The Lilies (Gabe solo)
Child of God (men)

I Will Rise (youth choir)
Sunshine In My Soul
Have I Done Any Good?

The Prayer (maybe)
I Am A Child of God (from the hymnal, memorized, 4-part harmony)
Let The River Run

The Lord Bless You And Keep You


The song we worked most on was Wonder. We worked on transitions. It is very important to count so that we come in at the correct time. It is also very important to sculpt the phrases, and Erin asked that we have slight crescendos on the quarter notes in each phrase. Also, make sure that we come off the staccato notes. We also worked on I Am A Child of God (the one with the youth choir). We will be singing in different areas of the chapel and some small groups will be doing different languages, so I’m sure we will review this on Thursday. We did a sing-through of He’s Got the whole world. It is very important to watch Barb because the tempo changes frequently and the only way we will know what the tempo is will be if we watch her cues. Lastly we worked on Sunshine In My Soul. We need to make sure to have a warm, dark sound. I encourage everyone to work on their music at home so that we can have a great rehearsal this week. Thanks! Let me know if there are any questions.


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