March 12th Rehearsal

March 12th Rehearsal

400 300 Joe Roushar

Here is the plan for this week. You can click on some titles for links to listening samples and other helpful resources.

TENORS: Don’t forget to bring treats for our St. Patty’s Day Party (we need cups and napkins too!) Thanks.

1. Red, Red Rose, mm. 21– end
2. Jesus Christ the Apple Tree, Men: mm. 25-36, Women: mm. 1-24
3. The Promise of Living, Men: Pgs 13-end (review 7-11), Women: pg 11-15
4. Liebeslieder Walzer, Men: no. 9 & 11
5. Sing Creations Music On, mm. 70-end
6. My Heavenly Father Loves Me, Women: C & D
7. Praise to the Lord, Women Review: mm. 65-89

1. Jesus Christ the Apple Tree, mm. 25-36
2. Liebeslieder Walzer, No. 9 & 11
3. Red Red Rose, MM. 21-END
4. Loch Lomond, mm. 28-end

There will be a quiz on A RED, RED ROSE and LOCH LOMOND! 🙂

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  • Tonight’s theory class (6:15) will be about harmonic analysis. We will talk more about chords and how they are used in music. We will analyze the harmonic structure of a hymn or two and part of Loch Lomond. Come discover the theory behind the patterns you hear!

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