Hymn of Praise Recording

Hymn of Praise Recording

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I’ve been searching for an English recording of “Hymn of Praise” (Lobgesang) but haven’t found one yet. I spoke with Loren Squires and he said he’s been using the London Symphony recording (in German). You can also find this recording on iTunes. I will let you know if we find one in English.

Please remember to use the MIDI files that are listed on the right side of this blog under Spring Repertoire.

Hope this helps!

  • thanks for taking the time to do this blog, erin! 🙂

  • I think there are some mistakes in the MIDI files. I haven’t checked other parts but I will try to point out some in the Bass parts.

    On page 6, 3rd system, middle measure we have a quarter-dotted eighth-sixteenth-half rhythm but the recording (at 1:42) has something more like sixteenth-dotted quarter-sixteenth-half.

    On page 11, 2nd system, 3rd measure there is a half note that isn’t held full value. (Start the recording at 3:00 which is at the top of the page a couple measures before the basses come in.)

    On page 13 the quarter notes don’t sound right in the second measure of the first system and the first measure of the second system and the first measure on page 14. I am not sure it is wrong it sure seems wrong. (Start the recording at 3:37 which is 4 measures after letter F.)

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