It’s Finally Here!

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Hooooraaayyyyyy! It’s cool to see “1 day” on the countdown widget! Here are some notes for tonight:

REMEMBER: We’re at the Crystal building (2801 Douglas Dr N, Crystal, MN) for rehearsal (7-9:30 pm).
Men, please go straight to the chapel to rehearse with Susan S. and Fred Larson (clarinet) on “The Pasture”.
Women, please go to the RS room or another available room with piano to rehearse with Susan Quick. The runs on “Praise to the Lord” are still a bit messy. Please make them more light and bouncy. read more

Theory Class

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First of all, I feel bad about taking the top of the blog for this announcement, so make sure you scroll down to get the homework assignment for this week!

The final theory class of the semester will be next week on April 16. I expect you’ll all be relieved that your taxes are done, so bring along a bag dinner and come to theory class! We’ll be talking about the physics of sound, the harmonic series, and equal temperament. Even if you don’t recognize any of those terms, or haven’t been to any theory classes before, this one will be an exciting one that stands on its own. I will have some of my instruments there, including the infamous tromba marina.

6:15 in the Primary room, April 16. See you there!


April 2nd Rehearsal and Homework

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Hey guys!
Thanks for your hard work! Keep it up!

REMINDER: 6 more rehearsals to go before the big night! I expect to see ALL of you at EVERY rehearsal from here on out. Remember, rehearsals will go until 9:30 pm now.

MAKE-UP REHEARSAL: Those who have missed 2 rehearsals are REQUIRED to attend the make-up rehearsal. It is on Thursday, April 23rd from 6-6:45 pm. read more

Roll Call!

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Please sign your name in this posting’s comment section to let me know that you are able to check and make comments on the blog.

Speaking of roll…..please be sure to always mark your attendance on rehearsal nights. Thanks!

A Whole New World…”(Insert Jasmine’s Voice)

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Why didn’t I do this sooner? This past week, I went to the ACDA National Convention in Oklahoma and one of the presentations was on technology and how helpful BLOGS can be to the choir as well as those interested in the choir.

You’re probably all thinking, “Duh!” but it was an exciting moment for me as I realized all the cool things we can do with this blog. It’s BRILLIANT! I’ll be able to post announcements, helpful resources, rehearsal notes, etc. (without sending so many e-mails). I could jump for joy! Ok, I would but I’m afraid it’ll hurt. 🙂