Thinking of You…..

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Hey everybody!
I heard that you guys may have cracked some jokes about me while I’m away. I thought you should see this picture (taken tonight in Hawaii) as proof of my hard work while on vacation. Note that I had to wait until sunset each night to practice from our ocean view room because the sunshine reflected so brightly off the pages during the day that it was blinding! And the heat of the sun beat down upon me so much that I was forced to just lay there and sip on my cold fruity drink. Boy, it has been so hard but I know it will pay off! See you this Thursday! 🙂 hehehehe
With all the love in my heart,

Hymn of Praise Recording

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I’ve been searching for an English recording of “Hymn of Praise” (Lobgesang) but haven’t found one yet. I spoke with Loren Squires and he said he’s been using the London Symphony recording (in German). You can also find this recording on iTunes. I will let you know if we find one in English.

Please remember to use the MIDI files that are listed on the right side of this blog under Spring Repertoire.

Hope this helps!

Letter from Temple Presidency

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Dear Sister Gray,

As a Temple Presidency we would like to thank you, Sister Larson, Brother Oldroyd and all the choir members for the beautiful presentations at our Temple Devotional. The choir brought a strong spirit to the devotional as no spoken word could have brought. I hope many members of the congregation expressed to you, as they did to us, the spiritual experience they enjoyed by your presentations. We appreciate the choirs’ willingness to support the Temple.

May the choir continue to touch and uplift our community and the Church. Thanks for your time and effort to that end.

St. Paul MN Temple Presidency

Welcome Back!!!

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Happy New Year everyone!

Welcome back!!! Yes, it’s time to begin a new semester! A very exciting semester indeed!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We traveled to North Carolina and had a blast with my family. Ate great barbecue, hush puppies, fried turkey, the works! I need a good rehearsal to start working off what I gained over the holidays! YIKES! 🙂 read more

The MinneMoCho

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I was talking to Jon Kirkham this morning and he casually called us The MinneMoCho…here’s a tag: “your morning cup of coffee in music” or “it’s not the latest caffeinated beverage from Caribou, it’s a choir!”. Any other tag lines? Seeing as we don’t drink coffee, I’m thinking we’ll have to CAN this idea……thanks anyway Jon! 🙂

Oct 22, 2009 Rehearsal Special Guest and More!

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Loren Squires, the director of the South Metro Chorale, will be coming to our rehearsal to assist in the men’s sectional (Chuck is away this week)and to invite us on their choir tour to Croatia.

I’m sorry to do it but we’ve got to crack down on tardies and absences. Please review the member’s guide for the policy. Many people are not writing down if they are late. To clarify, if you come in after choir gets started (yes, even during prayer, spotlight, warm-ups, etc), you are late. Regarding absences, you may not miss more than 2 rehearsals per major concert unless approved by the director. If you have missed 2, you need to attend a make-up rehearsal. read more

MMC Group Photo

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There are so many more AMAZING shots! Here’s a cropped group photo for your viewing pleasure.

An Exciting Opportunity…..

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VocalEssence presents Community Sing with Simon Halsey

Event Description: Sing with internationally-renowned
British conductor Simon Halsey as he leads an evening
of all-British choral music, including Vaughn Williams’s
O Clap Your Hands, Stanford’s Beati Quorum Via,
and Dove’s I Am the Day. Co-sponsored by the American
Choral Directors Association of Minnesota. read more

I’d Rather Sing than Speak…..

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I’m not great at interviewing….or speaking! This is not modesty…I’m just stating a fact! I told the newspaper writer that I’d rather sing a song but she didn’t go for it. Below is an interview I gave about the MN Mormon Chorale. There are a few things that I’m working on getting changed but just thought you might like to read about the attention the choir has received lately. -Erin


Congratulations! Other Notes

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Congratulations on an OUTSTANDING performance last Friday night! It was soooooooo much fun! Thank you for your energy – it really helps!

“All, Your last concert was one of the most entertaining Janet and I have ever attended. Congratulations. Bruce Nelson” read more