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ONLY 2 MORE REHEARSALS! Great rehearsal Thursday. We’ve still got more progress to make before the concert so stay focused and take good care of yourself! Seriously, if you feel a cold coming on, spray this stuff every 3 hours consistently….it’s amazing! :)PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY. read more


400 300 Joe Roushar

Hey guys! Sorry this is late!


1. Make-up rehearsal tonight at 6:00 pm. If you’ve missed 2 or more rehearsals, you need to be there.
2. 5/7 Rehearsal is at the Minneapolis stake center in Crystal
3. Make sure you know the German to LW #11 read more

April 16th Rehearsal and Concert Posters

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AMAZING work last week! Wow! There were so many POWERFUL moments! I could feel the heart and soul you were putting into the pieces and it was moving!

Please review last week’s notes below and be ready to make EVEN MORE IMPROVEMENT this Thursday. The Brahms piece needs some more work….please work on the diction before Thursday.

See the sidebar for a link to the poster and to pass along cards. Special thanks to Jon Kirkham for creating it!

April 9th Rehearsal Homework! Only 5 More to Go!

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Great rehearsal Thursday! Things are coming along and it’s going to be an awesome concert! Did you hear what President Monson said yesterday afternoon? I don’t remember his exact words but he thanked those with musical abilities for sharing them. Music brings the Spirit, uplifts the soul and communicates things that words often cannot. Anyways, I was really hoping you all heard that! You are soooooo appreciated!!!

This week’s schedule follows the past 2 rehearsal schedules so I’m going to post specific things you need to work on BEFORE Thursday. read more

Homework and March 26th Rehearsal

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Hey guys! Great rehearsal last night!


1. Men: Know all of “Johnny Schmoker” and “The Pasture”. Watch YouTube video of “Johnny Schmoker” (here’s another one) and come with choreography ideas. Memorize text. Underline important words in “The Pasture” (here’s a video – not a great example but might be helpful). read more

March 12th Rehearsal

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Here is the plan for this week. You can click on some titles for links to listening samples and other helpful resources.

TENORS: Don’t forget to bring treats for our St. Patty’s Day Party (we need cups and napkins too!) Thanks. read more

MMC March 18th Rehearsal

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Hi everyone! Happy St. Patty’s Day! Hope you’re wearing GREEN! Jon Kirkham said he’s wearing 3 different shades of it…pretty smart, I think!

Sorry this is late. I’ve had family in town and didn’t plan my time very well for updating the blog. I’ll be better, I promise!

Homework Assignment – I WILL be pulling out a quartet again to sing for everyone so be ready!

1. Know “Praise to the Lord” mm. 55-89
2. Memorize the text in the LW #11 mm. 1-7 read more