October 6, 2011 Rehearsal Notes

400 300 Joe Roushar

This week we reviewed the following:

In sectionals we worked on mm. 111-end of “I Saw Three Ships.” We reviewed notes since this is the most difficult section of the song. Barb showed us how to pronounce Christmas using a light tone. We are not flipping the R in Christmas as well as not saying Chreestmas. read more

Videos of Rehearsal

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Please watch the video below and see if there are any changes or improvements you need to make to your stage presence and/or singing: (Disclaimer: Some of the staging was corrected after this was filmed. Click on the “full screen” button to view videos properly.) read more

May 5 Rehearsal

400 300 Joe Roushar


Rehearsal on May 12th will be at the Maplewood Community Center from 7 to 9:30.
There will be a choir social after the concert at the Thibaudeau’s home.
Please help get the word out about our concert.
The music order for the concert will be: read more

April 28 Rehearsal

400 300 Joe Roushar


SA: SING SING SING. We reviewed measures 56-end and memorized the second half of the song. The “dings” in measures 33-40 need to be crisper. BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY. Choreography added. Measures 36, 37 1st and 2nd sopranos sing both “A toot”s. WITNESS. Reviewed. OKLAHOMA. Reviewed trouble spots. Memorized first half of the song. Choreography. read more

April 21 Rehearsal

400 300 Joe Roushar

Hello fellow MMC members!

We started our rehearsal tonight by turning in 5 pieces of music: Every Knee Should Bow, Hosanna, Saints Bound for Heaven, This is the Christ, and Gloria. read more

April 21 Makeup Rehearsal

400 300 Joe Roushar

There will be a Makeup Rehearsal this Thursday, April 21, from 9-9:45 p.m. Those required to attend have at least 2 absences. Please check the attendance roster. ALL ARE WELCOME. read more

April 15 Rehearsal

400 300 Joe Roushar

SECTIONALS: “OKLAHOMA”. Reviewed measures 105-165. We will need to memorize this one. “SING SING SING”. Reviewed measures 1-27. Reminder to use tall vowels. SA–“BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY”. Worked on our timing using a metronome. read more

April 7 Rehearsal

400 300 Joe Roushar

SECTIONALS: New song, “OKLAHOMA”. We focused on measures 105-165. Then site read the rest. SA then worked on BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY. Emphasis tonight was on enunciating and keeping up to tempo. read more

April 2, 2011 Rehearsal

400 300 Joe Roushar

SECTIONALS: We worked on a new song, “GLORIA”. It is part of our Easter Fireside on April 17. In measures 156-167, phrases should end on the third count in appropriate measures. There is a breath, measure 170, after “Him”. Watch the crescendo/molto rit. in measure 171. Measures 172-184-the “Glo-” should have more of a “klaw” sound. SA worked on BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY. read more

March 24 Rehearsal

400 300 Joe Roushar

we rocked the mic