April 12, 2012 Rehearsal Notes

Okay, so one final reminder that the Temple Devotional Fireside is this Sunday, April 15, at the Oakdale building and call time is 5pm. The pieces we will be performing are Lamb of God #4 and #12, Consider the Lilies, and Pilgrim Song.

The Makeup rehearsal will be held next Thursday, April 19 at 6pm. Also, after next week’s rehearsal, there will be a spring party which the altos and basses are in charge of treats. Let’s bring it!! Read more

Lamb of God Concert

Hi all!

We had such a wonderful concert the other night and I just wanted to make sure to thank everyone who helped set up and take down. You took a giant load off of my mind and therefore restored my sanity! Special thanks to Albin for setting up the feed into the primary room. I heard lots of positive feedback about that. Read more

March 1, 2012 Rehearsal Notes

Last night’s rehearsal was wonderful! We stayed in SATB the entire night and worked on our spring music, which was a nice refresher. So first of all, we worked on A Child’s Prayer. We reviewed the entire thing and need to work on our phrasing and make sure it doesn’t sound the way we all sing it as a primary song. It needs to have movement and we need to emphasize the first syllables of two-syllable words. Then we reviewed Peace Like A River. Barb reminded us that each verse talks about a new concept: peace, faith and hope. We need to feel these things as we are singing this piece. Then we worked on Little Potato. It was a lot of fun to hear all the parts together. I think a lot of us got lost at some parts, so we need to be sure to work on this piece at home and get our rhythms, notes and entrances right. It’s a fun song, but can be pretty tricky. Read more

Feb 23, 2012 Rehearsal Notes

Happy Friday, all! It was an excellent rehearsal last night. Even though I hate having a cold, it was fun to just sit back and listen to all of you. It is sounding wonderful!

So just a couple of reminders: first of all, there is a musical missionary fireside this Sunday at 7:00pm at the Crystal building. There are going to be lots of soloists and musical numbers. It sounds amazing! Read more

Feb 16, 2012 Rehearsal Notes

Hey everyone, sorry it took me so long to get the update done for last week’s rehearsal. I’ve been fighting a cold (boo!).

So first of all, just one more reminder that this coming Thursday, Feb. 23, is our first makeup rehearsal at 9:00 to 9:45. If you have missed any rehearsals or think you may end up missing any rehearsals, then you should plan on attending. Read more

Feb 2, 2012 Rehearsal Notes

In sectionals we worked on Lamb of God #14a mm. 32-41 and 14b mm. 60-92. Then we moved on to Cindy and split up into Choir 1 and Choir 2. We worked on mm 1-37 and mm 207-251 with both choirs. It would be wise to go through your score and mark where you are singing so you don’t get confused because there are a lot of places that would be easy to lose your place.. We then did a run through of Consider the Lilies. We reviewed mm. 1-47 of My Soul’s Been Anchored, paying special attention to the accents and the rhythms, making sure to get them correct. Then we ran through Pilgrim Song mm 30-50. Finally, we started working on the tricky rhythms in It Takes a Village, mm. 85-end. Read more

January 28, 2012 Rehearsal Notes

Hey everyone, I’ve been debating whether or not to put Saturday’s rehearsal notes up, and decided that since we covered so much material, I’d better do it. So here goes…

So first of all, we were assigned to make up songs to children’s tunes describing why each of our sections was awesome. Personally, I think the altos’ song was the best (not at all biased, heehee), but the basses had an unfair advantage with Larry as their accompanist. It was a great time! Read more