April 26, 2012 Rehearsal Notes

April 26, 2012 Rehearsal Notes

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In Sectionals last night the women worked on For The Beauty. Barb reminded us to be sure to stay on top of those higher notes so we don’t sound flat. We also need to make sure there’s movement in each phrase. The men worked on Pirate Song. Then we worked on memorizing the second half of Cindy and reviewed the stomp/clap section.

In SATB we first worked on Little Potato, sections J-end. Barb emphasized that we need to get our entrances on the first note. We also need to pay attention to the what volume we are supposed to sing at. The only time we should be at a forte is at section K. At the last couple of measures we need to watch Barb for the slower tempo to the end of the song.
Then we worked on My Soul’s Been Anchored. We mostly concentrated on mm. 83-end. Once again, we need to be sure to come in strong on our first notes so the phrases make sense and sound good. We need to have a dark tone. At mm. 86 we are at pianissimo, 87 piano, 88 mezzo piano, 89-90 mezzo forte, 91-93 forte, and by the time we get to the end of mm. 94 we should be at a fortissimo. We hadn’t gone over this piece in a few weeks, so please make sure to go over it at home this week to make sure we know it well by next week.
Next we went through A Child’s Prayer. Barb had us add I Am A Child of God to the beginning of the song. We will be singing the first verse in parts before starting A Child’s Prayer. I will make copies out of the hymnal this week so everyone has a reference if you can’t remember your part.
We then did a runthrough of It Takes a Village. Erin is hearing auditions for the solo parts, so if you’re interested, please be sure to contact her this week. This piece should be memorized by now.
We memorized the second half of Cindy as well. Be sure you know the lyrics well by next week.

Also, just a reminder that if you have a story you’re willing to share at the concert, please get it to Erin by next week at the latest. I will post the email I sent out yesterday below:

We are looking for individuals to briefly write to us your experience with the following:

路 A funny story about wooing or being wooed 馃檪 Could even be a failed attempt. 馃檪
路 Learning from the example of someone other than family (Ex: I thought I was my 3rd grade teacher’s favorite student and I even called her for years after thinking she’d be so happy to hear from me! She even helped me with my math homework.)
路 Something you experienced with your child or learned from them
路 A faith building experience / or a time you felt God’s love for you (Ex: When I got lost as a child and found my way home.)
路 Something your parent did that means a lot to you (could also be funny) (Ex: Larry’s dad did something very funny at his Ph.D ceremony – he’ll have to share it with you all).
路 When you knew you were in love / Falling in love (Ex: On my first date with my future hubby, I physically had to turn around and mouth the word, ‘WOW!!!!!!!’, when he was busy setting up his dad’s telescope!)
路 Tribute to your mother

I included a few of my own experiences to give you an idea of what we’re looking for. Since time is limited, we won’t be able to share everyone’s experiences but we’ll do our best to use as many as we can. We may even ask that you read your experience (it may be edited).

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!

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